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I perform service so that my program will grow and be available for myself, and through those efforts others may benefit it. I perform service and practice my recovery:

  • by affirming that the true power of our program rests in the membership meetings and is expressed through our Higher Power and through our group conscience;
  • by confirming that our process is one of inclusion and not exclusion, showing special sensitivity to the view of the minority in the process of formulating the group conscience so that any decision is reflective of the spirit of the group and not merely the vote of the majority;
  • by placing principles before personalities;
  • by keeping myself fit for service by working my recovery as a member of the program;
  • by striving to facilitate the sharing of experience, strength and hope at all levels – meetings, intergroups, service boards, and World Service;
  • by accepting the differing forms and levels of service and allowing those around me each to function according to their own abilities;
  • by remaining willing to forgive myself and others for not doing it perfectly;
  • by being willing to surrender the position in which I serve in the interest of unity and to provide the opportunity for others to serve; to avoid problems of money, property, and prestige; and to avoid losing my own recovery through the use of service to act out my old behavior – especially taking care of others, controlling, rescuing, being a victim, etc.;
  • by remembering I am a trusted servant; I do not govern.

**This document was introduced at the ACA CSB/IWSO Business Conference, January 17, 1987, in San Diego, California, and is not presented as the definition of service, but as a sharing of information.

ACA Nederlands – ACA Intergroup IG#711
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