ACA InterGroup 711

Welcome to ACA Nederlands – ACA Intergroup IG#711.
Hartelijk welkom bij ACA Nederlands – ACA Intergroep IG#711.

ACA Nederlands – ACA Netherlands are worldwide Online and in person – Face to Face groups and meetings of all nationalities based out in the Netherlands.
IG#711 supports the volunteer service structure of Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families.
This is an International and Dutch – Holland ACA groups and meetings – Global – first of its kind.
We are all volunteers helping and supporting the groups and meetings that joined the service body ACA Nederlands – ACA Intergroup IG#711.

All service officers of IG#711 are volunteers and provide help and give support to the groups and meetings attached to IG#711 through their service officers – also volunteers.
IG#711 is a service body for the ones they serve to strive to more Unity, Service and Emotional Sobriety.

All ACA groups or meetings anywhere in the world that would like to join IG#711 for help and support are welcome.
We also would like to start to communicate with other Intergroups to work together and look for possibilities to form a Region for a better growth and unification of ACA in the world.

IG#711 meetings

We of IG#711 come together every last Sunday of the month on Zoom. Please send a request to ACANL @ protonmail . com to get the time and Zoom meeting ID.

The IG comes together to discus and address concerns, problems and issues at meetings or that can arise at meetings to find workable solutions.
How can the meetings and recovery go forward?
How can we grow our meetings?
How can we nurture our members?


Intergroup 711 Service Meeting – Sunday 7th June 2020
12:30pm – 1pm
Zoom meeting ID: mail ACANL @ protonmail .com
Meeting to ratify new IG service members & vote on other IG management items.

Helps Finding Your
“True Self”
7th Tradition or Donation- PayPal

This group is self supporting and relies fully on voluntary contributions from all of us to pay all the expenses. This group does the 7th tradition or donations by making a donation into the Intergroup’s bank account. The funds are used to pay the zoom account​, the website​, get other online tools, organize events, workshops, study groups, parent other meetings and other costs. Contributions may be made by PayPal, by sending it from a Paypal account to our Paypal account on ​​@ gmail .com

Thank you


I perform service so that my program will grow and be available for myself, and through those efforts others may benefit it. I perform service and practice my recovery:

by affirming that the true power of our program rests in the membership meetings and is expressed through our Higher Power and through our group conscience;

by confirming that our process is one of inclusion and not exclusion, showing special sensitivity to the view of the minority in the process of formulating the group conscience so that any decision is reflective of the spirit of the group and not merely the vote of the majority;

by placing principles before personalities;

by keeping myself fit for service by working my recovery as a member of the program;

by striving to facilitate the sharing of experience, strength and hope at all levels – meetings, intergroups, service boards, and World Service;

by accepting the differing forms and levels of service and allowing those around me each to function according to their own abilities;

by remaining willing to forgive myself and others for not doing it perfectly;

by being willing to surrender the position in which I serve in the interest of unity and to provide the opportunity for others to serve; to avoid problems of money, property, and prestige; and to avoid losing my own recovery through the use of service to act out my old behavior – especially taking care of others, controlling, rescuing, being a victim, etc.;

by remembering I am a trusted servant; I do not govern.

**This document was introduced at the ACA CSB/IWSO Business Conference, January 17, 1987, in San Diego, California, and is not presented as the definition of service, but as a sharing of information.

All ACA groups or meetings that would like to join ACA Nederlands – ACA Intergroup IG#711 for help and support more than are welcome.
We also would like to start to communicate with other Intergroups to work together and look for possibilities to form a Region for a better growth and unification of ACA in the world.

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Courage to change
to your
“True Self”

ACA Nederlands – ACA Intergroup IG#711
ACA Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families

ACANL @ protonmail .com