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All Meetings are in English and
show CET – Central European Time
(CET = UTC/GMT +1 hour).
All meetings use Zoom.
See below for top tips and best practices.


Monday morning Early Risers (Reparenting /Loving Parent)
06:00 a.m Meeting ID: 171-458-517

Monday evening (Big Red Book Chapter 14 Study – ACA in a Workplace)
6:30 p.m Meeting ID: 323-287-550


Tuesday morning Early Risers (Reparenting /Loving Parent)
06:00 a.m Meeting ID 686 713 516

Tuesday evening (Big Red Book Steps 10,11 & 12 Study)
6:30 p.m Meeting ID: 552-042-196


Wednesday’s morning (Reparenting /Loving Parent)
09:00 a.m Meeting ID: 992-382-345

Wednesday’s evening (Big Red Book Steps 10,11 & 12 Study)
6:30 p.m Meeting ID: 300-646-986


Thursday morning Early Risers
06:00 a.m. Meeting ID: 190-843-128

Thursday evening (Ready, Set, Go! One Step Study per week )
6:30 p.m Meeting ID: 884-224-379


Friday morning Early Risers
06:00 a.m Meeting ID 758-428-527

Friday morning Second Cup (Reparenting /Loving Parent)
09:00 a.m Meeting ID 758-428-527

Friday evening
6:30 p.m Meeting ID 969-294-644


Saturday morning 11 a.m Meeting ID: 559-735-596

Saturday evening 8 p.m Meeting ID: 971-530-209


Sunday morning (ACA’s daily SMR (Strengthening My Recovery))
11 a.m Meeting ID: 303-952-074

Sunday evening (Big Red Book Chapter 2 Study – “It Will Never Happen to Me”)
8 p.m Meeting ID: 496-295-005

All Meetings are in English and CET (Central European Time is UTC/GMT +1 hour).
What you hear at each meeting should remain at that meeting. We do not talk about another person’s story or experiences to other people. Please respect the anonymity of those who share with us in the meetings.
For questions email acanl @ gmx . com.


Zoom is free. There is no need to register, no account needed, no invite needed. or sign up to join our Zoom meetings. Once Zoom is installed just join the meeting using the Zoom ID, or click on the Meeting ID of this website to startup Zoom and join the meeting of the right hour and day. You can download it from here.

Online Meeting Best Practices

Its best to quit all other programs, especially Skype, Viber, Facetime or other applications that use the microphone and video.

Top Tips

Calculating the Timezone can be tricky. On your smartphone or device, use the world-clock then add Amsterdam – then you’ll see exactly how long till the meeting starts.

Use a world-clock application to help with the meeting start time.

We suggest bookmarking this page, you can even access the meeting by clicking once on the Zoom ID Hyperlink for each meeting.

7th Tradition – PayPal

Tradition 7: Every ACA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. Contributions may be made by PayPal, by sending to email address: acausespg @ gmail . com – Aca NL Online.

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Emotional Healthy
Not longer responding to life with childhood survival traits that gives unsure feelings about oneself. Learning on another way to respond to people, places, things and circumstances. To become Emotionally Healthy, living in full harmony with ones own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. For more information please visit

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